German Mail Order Brides Online: Ideal Wives to Make a Peaceful Home

What do Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Anna Ewers, and Stefanie Giesinger all have in common? Besides being world-famous supermodels, they’re all of German descent!

It might be tempting to think of all German women as tall, blonde, blue-eyed beauties—and many are! But modern-day Germany is a culturally diverse nation. It’s home to people from such a wide mix of ethnicities and backgrounds that it’s impossible to state how German women look like without wading into broad generalizations.

One of the biggest countries in Europe, and one of the most powerful members of the European Union, Germany is developed, liberal, secular, and progressive. And so are the women! But the country hasn’t always enjoyed such stability. As most people know, after the WWII Nazi defeat, the nation divided into the Eastern Bloc and the Western Bloc.

This division continued until 1989 when the Berlin wall began to come down. By 1990 reunification was complete and Germany was a whole democratic state. Because reunification happened quite recently, there are still some lingering differences between women from the Eastern and the Western blocs.

In the East, the Stasi (secret police) kept a tight hold on communities, ruling through fear and the threat of denouncement. To this day the region is less prosperous and less developed. And there are clear cultural differences. Many women from Eastern Germany will remember living in the communist era. They might seem reticent or quieter when compared to their Western counterparts.

Germans are lucky enough to hold one of the most useful passports in the world, giving them access to more foreign countries than passport holders from many other nations. German women are well-traveled and culturally sensitive and aware. Most are happy to accompany you on a vacation in Europe or overseas.

They’re also highly educated, many will hold post-graduate qualifications, and are more than capable of living independently. This isn’t to say that a German fräulein isn’t interested in finding a husband. But she is likely to prioritize her education and career first and foremost.

German women speak German and sometimes other European languages too. Most speak excellent English so inter-cultural communication is easy.

Stereotypes exist for a reason and that’s because they often hold true. The notion of German precision is no different! Your German girlfriend will not take kindly to tardiness or meandering efforts that don’t get the job done. To impress her, be on time, show her that you’re capable and competent and she’ll love you more for it.

When it comes to sex, Germany is one of the most liberal nations in the world. Munich, in the southern region of Bavaria has a naked park in the city center! German ladies are comfortable with their bodies and their sexualities. They know what they like and what they don’t like. And most are not too shy to let you know! Selfish lovers need not apply.

If you’re looking for a woman who is your intellectual and social equal and who isn’t going to run late all the time, a German beauty is perfect for you. To say ‘guten tag’ (hello) to German brides, start out by chatting to a few girls looking for international husbands on these pages.